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If you have health issues that have not been resolved or improved through traditional medicine or natural healthcare, this could be perfect for you. Our doctors distinguish between a symptom and a root cause; we care about helping you through your symptoms; however we look beyond the symptom to clearly identify the real problem.

We evaluate organ health, nutrition, cellular function, structural function, muscular function, brain and nerve system function in order to make recommendations.

Once answers have been found, we help you to understand what is causing these problems and then we help you to see how to address your specific health concerns including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, scoliosis, thyroid and digestive disorders just to name a few. Recommendations are based on your evaluation and test result measurements; the doctors are up front with you when they find answers. If they are unable to correct, or help you correct the condition(s) a referral will be made to one of the many referral doctors that can at least help you maintain where you are so you can slow the progression. The primary goal is to find answers and to find out if your body can correct the problems to eliminate those frustrating, nagging and unnecessary health concerns.


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Our bodies are not meant to be compartmentalized. Everything works together when given the right therapy at the right time!

Obtaining Optimal Health includes proper:

Nerve Function,

Cellular Function

Muscular Function

Structure / Posture

Not everyone fits into the same mold of tests or therapies; it's time for a new approach!

Answers To Health looks at everyone's health condition individually to find the root cause of the problem.

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