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Dr. Shan Hager, Longmont Chiropractor CO


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Meet the Staff

Here at Answers! we work with people who are:

*Frustrated with their current health condition

*Tired of taking medications daily

*Scared because the test results are in, but they've been left with unanswered questions

*Discouraged from seeing numerous doctors and/or specialists with little to no help

*Angry that they've been told "you'll just have to live with it" or "nothing's wrong"

*Ready to find ANSWERS!


We look at health like a health puzzle. If all the pieces are there then we can see a clear picture of exactly what’s going on and appropriate treatment can be recommended to help; however, if it seems as though there are pieces missing then we wouldn’t have a clear picture of the underlying problem. If this is the case, we look at which tests would be needed to fill in the missing pieces. If you don’t have the specifics on what is going on, any therapy you ‘thrown at the problem’ will be temporary at best.

By evaluating the nervous system, your posture and your organs we’re able to find and detect where your health problems are coming from. Once we find the cause, then the proper treatment can be applied and your body can begin to heal and repair.

Once this has happened you’ll see that your posture is improved, your nervous system controlling your organs has improved, your organs are tested to be healthier and operate more efficiently and your symptoms are reduced or gone with long lasting results!


If you're concerned that there are missing pieces in your health puzzle you're not alone - you've come to the right place!

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