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X-rays allow doctors to analyze dysfunctions in structure (spine, discs, pelvis) that may be contributing answers0137.jpgtocontributing to your condition. However, not all X-ray views are created equal. Standing x-rays allow the muscles in the legs and back to compensate for weaknesses in the spine and pelvis, hiding possible ligament and disc damage. Seated x-rays, on the other hand, remove the compensation factor, revealing the true status of the spine. Since x-rays are a form of testing, it is very important to do follow-up x-rays after a period of treatments to track progress. Without follow-up x-rays, the effectiveness of the treatment is based largely on symptoms, a merely  subjective measure. At Answers To Health, all of the x-rays are performed seated for the utmost accuracy, with follow-up x-rays being conducted in an established time frame.

Longmont Chiropractor | X-Ray. Dr. Shan Hager is a Longmont Chiropractor.