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Are you frustrated with back and hip pain?

Are you worried that the baby may be breech?

Are you upset that you can’t do the things you love?

Are you stressed about the possibility of complications during the pregnancy or birth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we may be a great fit to help you enjoy your pregnancy, decrease your risk for complications, control nausea symptoms naturally, reduce the time of labor and delivery and have a happy and healthy birth and baby!

At Answers! we have been helping expecting moms walk through the wonderful experience of pregnancy and childbirth for over 7 years!

Contrary to what much of the media and hospitals say, a woman’s body is designed to carry and deliver a healthy baby. Given the proper tools ALL expecting moms can have a wonderful, unforgettable experience not only throughout the pregnancy but also the birth.


“When I started at Answers! I had lower back pain caused by pregnancy. This condition severely affected my life; I couldn’t stand without pain or stay in any position for very long. After receiving care at Answers! my lower back pain was drastically reduced during the rest of my pregnancy. I was able to care for my other three children and had much more energy. I have learned how crucial the nervous system is in relation with how the body functions. My labor for my forth child was my easiest one and I am convinced that it is because of the care I received at Answers!” Mom, 30

Once the baby arrives we check to make sure the baby is strong and healthy. The birthing process is one of the most traumatic experiences we face. If the baby looks great we set up check in points to make sure as the baby grows that he / she is hitting all of the most important growth and developmental mile markers. If the baby in struggling on the inside we have many tools in our bag of goodies to get him / her on the right track as soon as possible!

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