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The Pettibon System

Make lasting corrections while stretching, strengthening, and stabilizing!


Here are a few of the tools that you'll see at Answers!

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  • Core muscles are strengthened using isometric exercises
  • Isomeric exercises are used to aid in correction of the spine
  • Exercises are preformed in a specific order to maximize optimal spinal structure




Weighting System

  • Head, shoulder and/or hip weights are worn to achieve spinal correction
  • The weights strengthen the muscles and allow the nervous system to stimulate the brain to gain full correction
  • This system doesn't force the body into “correction” it allows the body to naturally accept the changes over time


“Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator” - PTLMS

  • Relieves spasm and inflammation
  • Creates motion in the spine
  • Flush out toxins



6-Way Stretch

  • Stretches muscles
  • Retrains proper muscle alignment
  • Get the neck warmed up for the next set of stretches





Wobble Chair

  • Rehydrates the disc’s for optimun health and function
  • Delivers nutrition to the discs and eliminates toxins
  • Adds strength, flexibility, and youth to the discs and ligaments of the back
  • Reduces stress in the spine and helps prevent injury
  • Assists in healing of disc bulges and tears if present


Adding in The Pettibon System to the other components that you'll find at Answers!

and you have a complete system of healing, repair and a life without limitations!



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