When Dr. Shan Hager was nine years old, he survived a childhood diagnosis of cancer, despite a prognosis that was fatal for many other patients. As the years passed, he scoured medical journals, textbooks, and stayed current on the latest scientific developments. All to answer a single question: Why?

That search for answers led the functional doctor to open Answers For Health in 2003. Located in Longmont, Colorado, Answers to Health is designed to be a prototype for a new healthcare model — one in which the root cause of your ailments is found using the most effective aspects of both traditional and alternative medicine. Too many people encounter situations in which only their symptoms are treated, or their search for more information leads to more questions.

Together, Dr. Shan Hager and his terrific staff is committed to helping you understand what the essential problem you’re experiencing is caused by. When, after your test results and evaluation, the doctor discovers the root cause, you can proceed with holistic treatments. If needed, our staff can put you in touch with one of many referral doctors in order to maintain where you are or slow the progression. Are you ready to find real answers?

For more information or to schedule a consultation with the doctor, contact us by phone at 720.340.4435 or contact us online today!