Kristi was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois and grew up the oldest of three. She loved to learn, read books and discuss many different topics. Although she had many “when I grow up” kind of dreams (being a lawyer, a teacher and a marine biologist), in the end, it was a career in helping others that won out. Having a younger sister and brother gave her many opportunities to learn to care for others. Throughout her childhood she experienced the joys and sorrows of walking alongside others during difficult times. These experiences and the desire to help others ultimately led to her graduating with her B.A. in Psychology from Trinity Western University.

Kristi moved to Colorado with her husband Tim in 2011 and has resided in Fort Lupton, CO for the past four years. They both enjoy being involved in the community and serving others. In late 2017, Kristi’s health deteriorated enough for her to begin seeking solutions from professional health care providers. After several interactions with general market doctors left her still wondering what was wrong, she finally discovered Answers to Health from a friend who was receiving treatment there. After an initial consult, she finally began to get a picture for what had been going wrong in her body and was empowered to work towards solutions.

At Answers To Health, Kristi now enjoys helping others in their journey of finding the path to optimal health. Coordination of patient care plans and serving at our front desk, she assists our new and existing patients on their journey of understanding the path to wellness.