Amber is a Longmont native. Born and raised in Longmont she has seen many changes. In May of 2005 Amber earned her degree as a Sign Language Interpreter. Amber enjoyed working for many years as a free-lance interpreter, an interpreter at the University of Northern Colorado, and interpreting for local churches and concerts!

Now, Amber wears many hats at Answers! mostly helping Dr. Shan with back office tasks and the marketing. Seeing firsthand how Answers! is able to change people’s lives Amber is excited and honored to be a part of it. Answers! has touched the lives of many people; restoring hope in the minds and hearts of people who will be able to once again enjoy life. After her own ride on the ‘medical merry-go-round’ she is amazed how our office is uniquely designed to help people with their individual needs – something we desperately need in healthcare.

Amber and Dr. Shan are the proud parents of 3 very happy, healthy and active boys and 2 beautiful little girls!

My Story (in short) 🙂

After a terrible ocean accident, I was forced to drop out of college, quit my job, and stop all outdoor activities that I loved. I was in tremendous pain, frustrated and left without answers!

I had gone to 8+ Medical Doctors, 2 Chiropractors, 3 Physical Therapists, 2 Massage Therapists and a TMJ Specialist. I was in and out of doctor offices searching for someone or some treatment that would permanently eliminate my problems, not just cover them up.

Finally, during my last appointment my MD told me to stop coming in since I wasn’t taking any of the medications. He told me that they had done all that they could and that I would have to “accept the fact that I would not be able to go back to school, work or do many of the activities I use to enjoy”. After over 2 years of chasing a treatment or therapy that would work with no luck, I believed him. That day all hope was lost and I never returned to a doctor (of any kind) again.

That was until I met Dr. Shan. When I finally gave into the idea of trusting the medical field again (took over 4 months for Dr. Shan to convince me to come in), I started receiving care at Answers!. The care I received was different than anything else I had ever experienced – even from other Chiropractors. Dr. Shan took the time to sit down, one-on-one and explain in detail what was going on inside my body- I had never had any doctor do that with me before. Not only that, but he was seeing me as a whole person, not looking only at my migraines, TMJ problems, digestion problems, muscle spasms, back and neck pain, breathing problems, Thyroid problems, etc. I saw HUGE difference in my health and overall pain levels in only a few short months! Of course it took longer to heal underlining problems, but that was nothing compared to the nightmare I had been living!

Today, I no longer suffer with the problems that I had to live with before, I went back and got my degree, enjoy hiking, biking, rock climbing and playing with my children! I live pain free and am healthier now than I’ve ever been! Answers! brought hope back into my life – knowing that given the right treatment the body is able to heal itself naturally!

Thank you for reading my story and if you’re in the same boat I was in, please don’t EVER let someone steal your hope – just because they can’t help you doesn’t mean that there’s not someone out there who can!