Amy is a (almost) Colorado native who comes to Answers! with 18 years of traditional healthcare experience. While enjoying working in a hospital setting, nursing home and home healthcare as a certified nursing aid (6 years) and a Registered Nurse (12 years), she was left asking “is this really it”? She finally left traditional healthcare after helping her mother navigate the difficult path that so many cancer patients must face. She is so grateful to have found and joyfully became part of this dynamic team that is striving to change the face of healthcare.

Amy officially wears the Medical Administrative Assistant hat (although we all serve our patients with the best of abilities which means we wear multiple hats some days). She is responsible for managing all the lab work and tests and prescribed nutrients for our patients.

She shares her life with her wonderful husband of 15 years and two wonderful kids. She enjoys being a busy wife, mother and daughter in her out of office time. They enjoy exploring the beautiful Colorado mountains, hiking, getting her hands dirty in their garden and showing their kids around the country and (hopefully) world. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you as we all navigate the path to our own optimal wellness!