Brie is from right here in Colorado, she grew up the second of four Air Force brats in Greeley. Her family was a rarity in the Air Force world; they were stationed in the same town throughout the duration of her Mother’s and Father’s individual enlistments, which allowed the family to thoroughly explore what the Rocky Mountains have to offer. She was raised on camping trips and sunshine which promoted a foundational passion for the outdoors; prompting her to move to the Gunnison Valley directly after graduating from the Academy of Natural Therapy in 2012 to cultivate her bodywork practice.

Her journey as a healer was sparked by an internship with a Reiki Master during her final year of high school that opened the door to natural therapy so that she could look through and choose which of the range of different wellness practices she wanted to begin following, and massage therapy was the best fit. During the years since she has expanded the breadth and depth of her practice and continues to do so here at Answers to Health as a Massage Therapist and Rehabilitation Specialist.