Note from Dr. Shan:

When I was nine years old I was diagnosed with cancer and went through the medical merry go round with chemotherapy. It was a pivotal moment in my life where I was forever changed into the man I am today. During my teen years I did a lot of searching to find out why I had this cancer and why so many kids who had this cancer were not living very long after their initial 2 year post follow-ups. My oncologist helped me to read some of the medical research at that time and helped guide me in what to look for. Since then I have not stopped reading the research. Through all of the thousands of medical journals, medical text books and the like I have been gifted to be able to put all of this into application.

Directly after receiving my doctorate and finishing my internship I started my healthcare clinic. My clinic, Answers!, is designed to be the prototype model for the “new healthcare”. The type of care where patients truly gain answers as to why they are suffering. Not just because of pain, nerve imbalance, organ dysfunction, muscle spasms, disc problems, etc. but the specifics as to why their inflammatory process is too high and how all of these systems interrelate. I have had a number of frustrating experiences with traditional and natural healthcare; everything from medicine to chiropractic to almost everything in between. Through all of the frustration, I am encouraged that there is another way and I am on a mission to change the face of healthcare!

I am currently under 2 research projects due to the type of cancer I had. For many reasons including my consistent feedback we have been able to improve the amount of young children continuing to live long healthy lives post cancer. These principles I not only live myself but also encourage others to follow as well to improve their health. My passion to find answers for my life transfers to each and every patient that enters my office! We will find answers. We, absolutely, help as many people as possible not suffer needlessly and educate them so they can in turn educate others.

Answers To Health is based on 3 main questions:

1st – What is wrong?

2nd – Can we fix it?

3rd – What is the process to fix it?