Are you fed-up with having blood screenings without fully understanding the results?

Our in depth labs will FULLY test the Thyroid (ALL 9 components), liver and kidney function, indications of digestion problems, blood oxygen (how well is the oxygen getting to the organs), checks the immune system (healing and repair), cholesterol, inflammatory markers and much more.

BUT the best part is that you will sit down with the results in-hand and review them with the doctor. From there the two of you can determine next steps. The doctor will be looking to see if there are any missing pieces to your heath puzzle. If everything looks great, the doctor will ‘pat you on the back’ and say ‘great job, you’re on the right path’ and you’ll have a phenomenal second opinion. If not, then we’ll help you to identify what tests are needed to find out specific answers for your concerns to identify the problems and the contributing factors.

Once those are fully known, then the solutions become very apparent and we will be able to go through those with you at that time.  This offer may not be for you, unless… you truly want to find Answers.

Special for new patients only:  blood-work screening with report of findings for only $99.  Call us at 720.340.4435 or contact us online today to take advantage of this great special offer!