Answers! is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced testing techniques available today.

When it comes to lab tests, there are really two different types: static & functional. Static tests are tests that show you what is in your blood, urine, saliva or feces today. Functional tests show what has been happening in your blood, urine, saliva, hair or feces over time. Each of these tests have specific reasons for use and specific reasons for your doctor ordering them. Our office currently uses the proper techniques of analysis from the most current up-to-date research.

For Example:

With traditional blood tests the nutrients have been tested and measured by counting the level in your blood at the time the blood was drawn. This test is extremely short term; for example, if you tested your blood today and then tested it tomorrow you would likely have different values.

New technology developed by the University of Texas and offered by SpectraCell Labs measures the nutrient function inside your cells of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential (you have to eat them – your body doesn’t make them) very small nutrients within your white blood cells (lymphocytes). Since these white blood cells carry your history, of how well things have been functioning roughly over the past 6 months, we can use this test when traditional tests have missed nutrient deficiencies. This is to assist in finding the true Answers! as to why you have been suffering from your condition.

Because each of us is very unique and different internally, the nutrient requirements are different for all of us. There isn’t any one vitamin regimen that fits everyone. Even if you eat a balanced diet and take a multi-vitamin, that doesn’t mean you are supplying your body with the appropriate nutrients it needs.

Who should be tested? In an ideal world, everyone! It is highly recommended that anyone with a chronic disease or illness, symptoms of high cholesterol, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, migraines, digestive problems, heart burn, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, allergies, breathing problems, anyone on medications or requiring surgery, alcohol consumers, recreational drug users, over exercising, sedentary habits, smokers and these are just to name a few. Both males and females should be tested prior to conceiving, during pregnancy, nursing mothers and kids too! WOW! Most insurance companies even cover this test for a nominal co-pay.

Where other healthcare systems have failed our office is committed to finding Answers! Allow us to help you more effectively elevate your road to health.

Complete Lifestyle Program

Complete Lifestyle Program includes:

  1. Personalized Nutritional Program
  2. Individual Nutritional Counseling
  3. Full Set of Lifestyle Classes

These classes will cover the basic foundations of a healthy lifestyle. They are designed to help you understand, realize and apply the necessary changes in your life. You may start to see how these specific details may have caused or have certainly contributed to your current health condition(s).

There are numerous concepts in each course that can apply to you; to those of you who are elite athletes and who are very health oriented, to those of you who don’t know much about healthy living and have never really applied any concepts to improving their health. Due to the wide array of info, we ask that you take at least 3 main points from each course and apply them to your life. We encourage taking the time during an upcoming nutrition report to discuss your progress of implementation for each of these courses.


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