Have you ever received a massage, then felt fatigued, gotten a headache, felt nauseous or light-headed?

This isn’t normal, but unfortunately, it’s very common.

While most massage therapists mean well, they don’t know how to tell when the body has had enough. Some people will joke that they “can’t get enough massage,” and it’s a common myth.  Though it may feel good at the time, massage done without checking the nervous system’s response can easily throw the body beyond its “metabolic capacity.” This causes more harm than good.

At Answers To Health, every patient’s body is unique, every time. Although a person’s shoulders may always be tight, or their low back hurt, or their neck stiff, sometimes that body part can be worked on directly, and sometimes it can’t. We pull together information from our in-house tests, including simple and non-invasive neurological “checks” that tell us what parts of the body can be worked on today and for how long. If it takes us a few minutes extra for your body to be “done” for today, your well-being is our top priority. You are guaranteed that every time you leave our office after a massage, both your body and nervous system will have received exactly what they needed – and you’ll be better than when you came in. No spaciness, no fatigue, no nausea, no unreasonable soreness.

Receive a wonderful, relaxing massage that deals with the causes for your muscle stiffness and pain, rather than just the symptoms. Let us be your partner in healing and well-being.

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