We know that symptoms are NOT the “true” problem. They are definitely worth looking at; however, symptoms are an expression of an underlying problem (the cause). Current medical research states that most underlying problems usually manifest because of environmental stressors:

1. Physical Stress (TRAUMA’s) – daily repetitive motion, nerve, muscle, structure, ligament, disc, organs

2. Chemical Stress (TOXIN’s) – foods, air, water, medications, soap, detergent, household chemicals, hormones

3. Emotional Stress (THOUGHT’s) – family quarrels, deaths, relationships, traffic, work, deadlines, financial

These are the three T’s (TRAUMA’s, TOXIN’s and THOUGHT’s) These stressors from our environment will cause, directly or indirectly, muscle damage, tissue damage or nerve damage. How do they do that you might ask? To answer this question we first need to know the basics of how the body works…

“The Nervous System Controls and Coordinates all the Systems of the Body and Relates the Individual to Their Environment” Gray’s Anatomy, 24th edition, pg.4

Nervous system is also referred to as our life energy. Our life energy starts in the brain. The brain sends strength and energy down through your spinal cord like a river to all the vital organs of your body. Each one of your organs is 100% DEPENDENT on that nerve energy to keep you alive and healthy. The stressors in our lives add up over time and lead to the nervous system shutting down, some suddenly and some over time, like a dimmer switch on the wall turning the lights down. When the nerves shut down, they shut down the organs at the level of the stress and below. The organs shutting down lead to degeneration and eventually disease to that organ. It also shuts down the nerves to the muscles and will distort and weaken your posture (as muscles move bones). When your posture shifts… (see Structural tab)

These are a couple of tests that we use to find Answers! neurologically or to see if these tests/therapies can be used to improve the nerve system.

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