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Many health problems begin in childhood and develop gradually due to vital growth and developmental stages that were missed. Right from birth, your child’s health is subjected to daily stresses. The birth process is one of the most traumatic experiences many of us will ever go through. An infant’s neck must be bent one way and then the other in order to pass through the birth canal or even be delivered through the small incision made during a c-section birth. This can leave a baby’s neck with misalignment’s that shut down nerve energy from freely flowing through to the rest of the body. This restriction can lead to torticollis (head is tilted to one side predominately), colic, autism, constipation, rashes (eczema), walking too soon, not sleeping through the night and bottom scooting, just to name a few.

“The Nervous System Controls and Coordinates all the Systems of the Body and Relates the Individual to Their Environment” Gray’s Anatomy, 24th edition, pg.4

Our nervous system is also referred to as our life energy. Our life energy starts in the brain. The brain sends strength and energy down through your spinal cord like a river to all the vital organs of your body. Each one of your organs is 100% DEPENDENT on that nerve energy to keep you alive and healthy.

For this reason it is crucial to evaluate the nervous system. Through easy, pain-free testing procedures we are able to find and detect where health problems are coming from. Once we find the cause, then the proper treatment can be applied and the body can heal and repair. Fortunately, infants and children heal and repair much faster then adults.

Is your child healthy? Are you sure? Has your pediatrician preformed an easy, non-intrusive nervous system scan? Having your child’s nervous system checked is one of the easiest ways to detect potential problems before symptoms show up. This test is also used to see where the problem may be.

What parents have to say

“My 3 years old suffered from Asthma. He had trouble breathing and sleeping at night. He had even been hospitalized for Asthma attacks. After being seen by Dr. Shan he started sleeping though the night! He has had fewer problems breathing and isn’t on any medications. I’m amazing how easy it was to fix the problem without medication.” Mom of a 3 year old

“If you really want to find the answers to your children’s health conditions this is the place to be!!!” Mom, 33

“Whenever either of my children starts to get a cold, I get them in to be checked out that day. Right after their treatment I notice things start to clear up right away. Other parents always ask me how my kids get over illnesses so quickly…I tell them it’s because of the great care they receive at Answers!” Mom of a 2 & 4 year old

“My 10 month old was constantly spitting up. I brought him into Answers! and Dr. Shan found out that he had a hiatal hernia which is a condition where a part of the stomach pushes up into the chest, through an opening in the diaphragm. Dr. Shan did one quick, painless treatment and we haven’t had any problems since.” Mom of a 10 month old.


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