I was impressed

“I had experienced chiropractic twice early in my life, without much benefit, and with traditional medical education I believed that there was no lasting change from it. Yet, I have used some forms of complementary medicine in my practice, with good results, so with curiosity and skepticism I looked forward to meeting with Dr. Shan. After an exam and x-rays, Dr. Shan took the time to explain what he found and the Pettibon process of specialized chiropractic, and the fact that he has had 3 years of the specialization, after his regular chiropractic training. As an MD who specialized in cardiology, I was impressed with Dr. Shan’s neurological exam as well as his musculoskeletal exam. I had never seen such precision on those interrelated examinations. One should not accept changes and symptoms, attributing them to age because of ignorance. There is knowledge, and there are techniques and professional skills that can relieve symptoms by actually modifying and even reversing abnormalities.”

Male, 77