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    "Anyone who is dealing with an auto-immune diseases or anyone who has multiple symptoms, without a definite diagnosis needs to schedule an appointment at Answers!."…Read More

    Female, 39
  2. Great work

    "Answers! really does look at each person as an individual with their individual problems. They try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again like no other place I know!"…Read More

    Female, 66
  3. Knowledgeable

    “I used to think that I could eat anything I wanted to and that the only detrimental effect it would have on me would be with respect to weight gain. I now understand that what I eat has a profound effect on all my body's functions. In addition, my body's ability to heal, my energy level, fatigue, ability to sleep and emotions are all intertwined with what I eat. Through Answers! I have not only…Read More

    Female, 71
  4. This is the place to be

    "If you really want to find the answers to your conditions this is the place to be!!!"…Read More

    Mom of a 4-month-old
  5. Good Work

    “Dr. Shan's classes are so educational; I had to attend multiple times to absorb the information.”…Read More

    Female, 67
  6. Great

    "When I started at Answers! I had lower back pain caused by pregnancy. This condition severely affected my life; I couldn't stand without pain or stay in any position for very long. After receiving care at Answers! my lower back pain was drastically reduced during the rest of my pregnancy. I was able to care for my other three children and had much more energy. I have learned how crucial the nervo…Read More

    Female, 30
  7. Helpful

    "The entire staff is always helpful, encouraging and friendly. Dr. Shan has uncovered and is successfully treating many underlying physical problems I have had for years. He has worked tirelessly to diagnose & correct problems traditional medicine has considered permanent & untreatable."…Read More

    Female, 69
  8. Amazing

    "The amazing amount of knowledge and understanding about my body empowered me to change. The doctor and staff really care about the people they treat. If you are ready to make changes in your life, this is the right place to come for guidance, support and understanding. These are REAL changes."…Read More

    (Female, 28)